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Acoustic Science strings are modified with a molecular surface treatment. First, each string is thoroughly cleaned with special metal alloy cleaning agents. This removes all traces of oil or other residues left from the string winding process. The strings are then placed inside our Plasma System where ultra-high vacuum pumps are used to create a pristine atmosphere similar to deep space; no air or other gases, no water vapor, no contaminants of any kind.

Proprietary compounds are activated in a glow discharge electromagnetic plasma, and the surface of all six strings is modified. This surface modification creates a premium string resistant to fingerprints, oils, corrosion, and any attached grime or foreign material. The Ionic Vapor Process also penetrates into the surface at the nano level.

The result is the ultimate guitar string.Brilliant uncompromised sound with minimal break-in and extended life. Our strings have to be heard to be believed!

Science Friction

Acoustic Science Premium Treated Guitar Strings have a low surface energy. Your strings will remain cleaner longer with a fresh out of the package sound and feel.

Low surface energy causes water, grime and oils to bead up and roll off, rather than stick to the string.

Acoustic Science Ionic Vapor Processtm vs. Standard Coating

A Scanning Electron Microscope image shows a highly magnified view of the surface of Acoustic Science treated strings . Typical coatings can flake or peel which can decrease the performance and life of a string. Acoustic Science modified surface layer is integral with the string.