“I can’t say enough about my BackporcH Guitar! Be sure and give it a try next time you se me, you’ll be impressed!”

– Danny Morris

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Danny Morris


Brett Johnson of Houser’s Music in Oroville, California showing the BackporcH Summers Night Rosewood & Engelmann Spruce Cutaway.


Brett Johnson of Houser’s Music in Oroville, California demonstrating the BackporcH Blu Moon Flame Maple Jumbo with K & K pickup.


Brett Johnson of Houser’s Music in Oroville, California showing the BackporcH Sweet Tea Flame Maple Dreadnought with LR Baggs Anthem pickup.


Brett Johnson & Nick McGregor of Houser’s Music in Oroville, California share a Fire Fly Dreadnought.


Brett Johnson of Houser’s Music in Oroville, CA sharing a BackporcH dreadnought cutaway in rosewood and englemann spruce top.This all solid guitar has a Trance Audio pick up installed for premium sound.


Chris Hanlin sharing BackporcH Guitars at the Loud & Clear “Gear Experience” Aug.9th.Many thanks to Neville, and the entire crew at Loud & Clear in Cotati.Amazing day with many talented musicians, knowledgable vendor reps, and awesome food!


A big shout out to BackPorch Guitars for hooking me up with this sweet blonde Orchestra model acoustic guitar. I sat down and played about 7 different guitars and bought this one on the spot. Support local business and check out Nor Cal based guitar builders BluCollar Music @www.backporchguitars.com and ‘like’ them here on the FB!

Simon Melrose ~ Professional guitar player San Francisco Bay Area


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I thought it was very nicely balanced which is the indicator of a well made guitar.I also liked the brightness of its tone which I think is particularly valued by songwriters.Just as important,I think it has a great value ratio of quality to price.I look forward to playing other models as well.

Chris Montan

Executive Music Producer ~ Disney













I have been playing guitar for over 50 years.Over that time I have played and owned several excellent guitar models, but none of them compare to my new Backporch dreadnought and jumbo.I just love both of these new guitars.The touch, the note definition, the sustain and the overal tones are simply beautiful.As I was playing my new dreadnought at a gig this weekend I quickly came to the realization that I was as comfortable with it as I am with the (Larrivee) guitar that has been my go to over the last 10 years.That just blew me away.I am convinced that these guitars will be raising my guitar playing to a new level.They have found new life in several songs that I have played hundreds of times over the years by clarifying the notes, overtones and harmonies that were beneath the surface all this time.I am excited about the next 50 years of playing my Backporch guitars!

Drew James ~ Musician & Award Winning Songwriter






I absolutely love this red cedar and rosewood Backporch dreadnought.I’ve played it right along side guitars by Martin,Gibson,and even Santa Cruz.The tone on the Backporch is richer and more balanced from lows to highs than all of them!Not to mention the neck and fretboard offer very fluid playability.It’s amazing.

Pat Jordan ~ Pat Jordan Band














I have played Gibson acoustic guitars my entire life.Recently I was introduced to BackporcH acoustic guitars and find that the sound/tone and playability of these guitars is superior to my Gibson Guitars.To me this translates to heightened inspiration when writing songs!I am presently playing a BackporcH Red Cedar top with Rosewood back and sides(Dred Model).The sound on this guitar is extremely balanced, warm yet pleasingly bright.I also have a BackporcH (Ebony finish) Engelmann Spruce top with Mahogany back and sides beautifully trimmed with Mahogany binding (Jumbo model).This may be the best looking guitar I have ever laid eyes on.

Mark Beynon ~ Songwriter














Sam gets BACKPORCH GUITAR endorsement!

08/20/13 10:01 am

We are proud to announce that Sam has received an endorsement from BackporcH Guitars.These guitars play and sound GREAT!Learn more from their website.www.backporchguitars.com

Sam Hunter ~ Musician